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I am sitting in front of my computer, bleary-eyed and crashing from my adrenaline high after having won Event 6 of the Borgata Fall Poker Open, besting a final table that really didn’t have a weak link on it and that included poker pro Sirous Jamshidi. This was a solid, tough table, and I was able to navigate through it where the best hand I picked up the whole table was 55.

The outpouring of congratulations, well wishes and sheer excitement for my win has been so overwhelming. Here is my thank you to all.

First up – To the guys at Short Stacked radio – Mark H. JJ, Frodo, Ty, Bratz, and Mark. C. and the supporting cast of characters – Rick, Kev and Bryan, especially, thanks for welcoming me into the family. I’m always looking for things to talk about, and this will supply me with plenty of material. Just hope you don’t get tired of hearing it.

Next – Thank you ProPokerGear. You give me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the game. Through that, I approach the game more seriously so when I write about it, I’m not talking out of the wrong side of my body. Thank you for the forum to express my thoughts. It has helped me improve my game.

Dave, Steve and especially Mike – Although our “last longer” was ultimately cancelled, it pushed me to excel beyond my expectations. Having you three on the rail made this victory especially sweet. Your excitement only made my excitement greater.

Up next – the entire Merrick Tournament crew – You guys give me the opportunity to play tournament poker on a regular basis. You challenge me, and make me strive harder to achieve. I look forward to further challenges in the future.

J.H. and Murph – your place gave me the opportunity to really learn this game. I would not have even considered entering a tournament with this super fast structure if I didn’t learn how to play speed poker from you.

To my regular home game crew – Mark, Mike, Tom W., Dan, Izi, and especially Jordan, our host. What can I say? Week after week we get together trading jokes and money. You listen to all my rants and still invite me back. Every skill I can claim to have I learned playing in that room. I look forward to years of all of us growing as players.

Finally, Deena, Alec and Lindsay. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to pursue this dream, and for putting up with my frequent trips and all night card sessions. It has all finally paid off, and hopefully this is the start of bigger and better results. I love you.

Thanks you being said, I will come off the cloud I’m on for the next post where I’ll do a final table breakdown. Til then, I’ll see you on the felt.

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