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Hand number 1 (folding because you know your players) – I do not remember if we were playing Omaha8 or Omaha Hi only, but I do know the blinds were $1-2 and the game was NL. I also know I had JJ in my four card hand. I know this because I remember the flop came down Ac Kc Jc. After the flop, one of the tighter players in early position led out into the field. A smart player in middle position made the call. After giving it some thought I folded, and I folded for a very specific reason. I knew that even if I improved my hand, I would not be improving my hand.

I knew the bettor had flopped a flush. I did not know if it was the nut flush, but I knew it was a big one. Because I knew the bettor had flopped a big flush, I knew the caller did not have a big flush as well. He is too smart to call with a weaker flush against the bettor. Now I had to put him on a hand. I knew that he hadn’t raised pre-flop so I eliminated AA combos and KK combos from his holdings. This left it down to one type of hand…AKxx (although the results are the same if I put him on AAxx or KKxx). The only way for me to win this hand would be to hit a running pair on board or running cards to combine with my hand to fill up. If an Ace or a King came off, even though I improve to Js full, I would still lose.
When the hand was over, my suspicions were confirmed when the initial bettor showed the nut flush and the caller showed the unimproved AK.

Hand number 2 (betting/raising because you know your player) – The game was $3-6 LHE at the Tropicana, Atlantic City. I was in the middle of the table. The player to my left was a solid older gentleman. The player in the one seat was truly awful. I witnessed a hand in which he limped UTG with 72 off suit. Enough said.
I do not remember where I was at the start of the hand, but looked at KK. I popped it $6. The player to my left called, and the very bad player called. The flop came 992. I bet out $3 and the player to my left made it $6. The bad player called. I groaned thinking my Ks were cracked by my neighbor but made the call for another $3.
The turn did not change anything and I checked. Surprisingly, my neighbor also checked, and now very bad player bet the $6. I looked at my neighbor and asked “You’re checking?” and then I looked at very bad player and asked “and you’re betting? Well then, I’m raising,” and fired out $12. My neighbor folded and very bad player called. The river was a 10. I bet, very bad player called and mucked when I showed KK. My neighbor then whispered to me, “Nice raise…I had pocket 10s.”

Hand number 3 (raising because you know your player) – The game was $1-3 NLHE. On the button I get to see a flop for $3 with 78 off suit. I flop the joint when the flop comes down 4 5 6 with two clubs. The player to my right was an aggressive loose cannon. He led out for $25. Knowing that he would put me on a flush draw if I raised, I made it $60. The BB flatted the $60 and then the opener raised to $100. Thinking the BB had a flush draw, I moved all in for about $200. The BB folded and the opener called for less with top two. The first words out of his mouth were “I put you on a flush draw when you raised.” I responded “I knew you would, that’s why I raised.”
The Best Series of Hands I Ever Played – Hand 1 – I sat down at a $1-2NLHE game at Borgata in the BB with $200 behind. A few players limped in and I saw a free flop with 94 off suit. The flop came down 544. I led out for $10. I was flatted by a mid position player, and raised by a late position player to $25. I called the $25, and then mid position player reraised to $60. The first raiser moved all in. As dirty as it felt, I folded my hand, but not before the player across from me, a young solid player (“YSP”), caught sight of the 4. He was in shock that I folded the 4, but not as much when the other players revealed 55 and A4. This hand led to my confrontation with the YSP.
Hand 2 – I raised preflop with QQ and YSP called me. The flop came 9 high. YSP led into me and I raised all in. YSP asked if I would show and I told him he was too good and I couldn’t. He showed me A9 and folded.
Hand 3 – I believe YSP was the preflop raiser this time and I made the call with some suited connector. I flopped 4 to the flush. I checked to YSP who bet. I check raised. After some thought YSP folded. I said this time I would show and showed him the busted flush draw. All this led to the final hand.
Hand 4 – I had chipped up to about $450. YSP had about $500. He raised to $15 from middle position. One player called and I called from the BB with 5d7d. The flop came down 558 with two clubs. I checked and YSP bet $25. The caller folded and I check raised to $50. Not to be deterred, YSP raised to $125. I put him to the test when I moved the rest of my $450 across the line.
He agonized for 5 minutes and finally said he could not fold. He made the call and I showed him my 5. He tapped the felt and showed me KK. Well the dealer showed him a third K on the turn and YSP dragged a $900+ pot.
Afterwards he told me I had him utterly confused and he put me on a flush draw again. I congratulated him (he was an extraordinarily nice guy) and told him any time I can get my opponent to ship 225 big blinds drawing to 2 outs is alright by me.
I have been involved in many fun hands, some going my way, others not. Anyone have any favorite hands they wish to share?

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