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I am sometimes baffled at the reasons I hear for why players make certain plays. While the play may be correct, the reason for making the play is so flawed it just leaves me scratching my head in wonder.

In the early stages of a tournament I call a raise out of position with 10h9h. On a 10 high 2 diamond flop, not yet knowing where I was, I check called the raiser’s $250 bet into a pot about that size. The turn was a blank and I checked. The raiser bet $750 into the pot. I was still not done with this hand, however now I put the aggressor on an overpair. Knowing I can win with a 10 or a 9, and recognizing there were 2 diamonds on the flop, I again called.

The river was the Qd. Although I missed, it was time to put my nefarious plan into action. I bet $2500 into a pot about that size. Now the aggressor starts talking to himself and in the course of talking, something along the lines of this pearl comes out…Any other diamond and I could fold, but I don’t think I can lay this down…

The moment my opponent said this I knew I was up against a set of Queens. It still took my opponent a few minutes to make the call, but call he did. After the hand, we started discussing that comment.

I asked him why he could fold if the 2d came off, but not the Qd. The answer given was that he could give me credit for the flush there and get away from his pair of Queens. When I pointed out that the Qd would also complete my flush, and a set of Queens loses to a flush just like a pair of Queens, the answer I got was that he couldn’t put me on a flush draw…

What what what? Either I have the flush and you lose, or I am bluffing and you win. If you are going to fold to the 2d, you have to fold to the Qd. If I have the flush your hand does not get stronger when you make the set. If you are going to make this call, it should be because you perceive me as weak, not because you think you have suddenly gotten stronger.

More Illogical logic.

I was playing a $1-$1 NLHE game with about $40 in front of me. An aggressive player opened from the hijack to $7. The cutoff called the $7. Sitting on the button I raised to $25 with AA leaving $15 behind. Both players called.

The flop came Q 10 x. IT checked to me and I put my last $15 in. The hijack then check raised all in. The cutoff folded. The hijack then revealed he cracked my AA with Q 10 offsuit. Mystified at how he could call pre flop, I asked what his thinking was to which something along the lines of this pearl came out…For all I know you could have been making a move, you’ve done it before.

Come again? Making a move? With $40? What kind of move am I making? I am basically telling you my chips are going in. I’m never…EVER…folding in this situation either preflop or on the flop. So if I could be making a move why not just reraise preflop? It is only going to cost you $15 more to find out. If I’m not making a move and you miss the flop are you ever folding when there is a $90 pot for $15 more?

If I was sitting a couple hundred dollars deep, although not a good call, calling would be better justified, calling here made no sense, and the reason for calling made less sense.

Keep in mind not only do the things you do define you as a player, the things you say define you as well. If you are going to offer a reason for a play, it should make some sense.

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