Poker Jewelry

A poker game will be incomplete without the very eye-catching and appealing poker tournament bracelets, and now with the launch of the ProPokerGear custom poker jewelry, jewelry buyers are able to treat themselves to 14kt gold, custom suit rings which are offered in a variety of sizes and which can be purchased via the ProPokerGear website for just $499.00. The custom poker jewelry is manufactured from 14kt gold and as such, it is bound to catch the attention of the most serious of poker players. Like the poker tournament bracelets the 14kt gold custom suit ring will give the poker player a sense of class and sophistication and more importantly, fellow poker players will take player seriously. In order to view the custom poker jewelry, feel free to visit the ProPokerGear website and view the custom suit ring, together with the full range of custom tournament poker bracelets. All ordering of the custom poker jewelry and the custom bracelets may be done via the online buying website of ProPokerGear.

The other choice in custom poker jewelry is the 14kt white gold custom poker ring and like the yellow gold ring, the white gold ring can be purchased in different sizes and the cost of the two different rings are both $499.00. The ProPokerGear website was created by poker players and their experience in poker and their attendance of several poker games provided them with the chance to develop not only custom poker jewelry, but other types of poker inspired merchandise, such as the poker clothing, the tournament bracelets and the stunning card guards. In order to view the full collection of poker inspired merchandise and products, browse the ProPokerGear website and browse the custom poker jewelry which has been created out of years of experience in both poker playing and in jewelry design.

Our company is located in New York City which is known as the capital of the jewelry industry and since our inception, more than twenty-five years ago, ProPokerGear has been determined to give fellow poker players the chance to select the best quality and most impressive custom poker jewelry. Although the custom poker jewelry is purchased by poker players, our website has proven to be a perfect site for gift buyers who are attempting to source and unusual gift for a poker playing friend or loved one. The custom poker jewelry has been perfected and approved before production, and as such, we have always managed to retain a high level of customer satisfaction with our custom poker jewelry and our other range of jewelry and products. Find out more about our custom poker jewelry and our company, ProPokerGear, via our website. Of late poker has been attracting a lot more attention, and in fact, poker has been described as being one of the top sports watched on television. Find all your custom poker jewelry needs on our easy to use website.