Poker Card Guards

ProPokerGear is a website which is able to offer exquisite pro poker bracelets, and recently we have extended our range to include Card guards. These stunning Card guards or card protectors are as exquisitely designed as the pro poker bracelets which have made ProPokerGear famous, and the Card guards will allow professional poker players to protect their cards with styles. The Card guards are manufactured in either pure silver or sterling silver and the weight of the Card guards is the same as three or four clay poker chips, and in order to make the Card guards totally unique, via our website, online buyers can find out, how they can personalize the Card guards by adding their initials to the guards. The objective of the ProPokerGear Card guards is to give the poker player the chance to protect his hand, and since a good hand is a necessity in any poker game, the Card guards can simply be placed on top of the cards to ensure they remain in place during the poker games. However, in addition to the Card guards, visitors to the ProPokerGear website can make their selection from the best collection of quality poker bracelets, and these can be used during professional poker games, friendly games, or even charity games.

As with the Card guards, the bracelets which are offered on our website are of a unique design and as such, they are able to reflect the class of the game and since we have more than two decades of experience in the manufacture of jewelry, where better to purchase appealing and classy Card guards and poker bracelets than via the ProPokerGear website. Of late, poker is gaining more and more interest and it has been discovered that poker is one of the most watched sports on television and in light of the fact that we, at ProPokerGear, are keen poker players, we have a clear understanding of what will add interest to a common poker game, and without a doubt, the poker player who has his or her own Card guards will certainly be considered a professional poker player.

Professional players that love the game of poker will have the best accessories money can buy for the game, and a quality poker card guard is certainly one of them. Cards that are burned or folded will go into what is known as ‘poker muck’ and this can be covered and protected from the view of other players by means of a poker card guard. Professional poker players will always use a quality poker card guard to protect their hands, and to prevent errors, and you will find some absolutely exquisite products of this nature available from ProPokerGear. If you really wish to show class, you can have a beautiful gold, silver or enamel personalized poker card guard made by us in spades clubs, hearts or diamonds, all handcrafted to perfection in our jewelry workshop located in New York.

Showing professionalism in the game means having all the best poker accessories money can buy, and what makes buying them from us very desirable is that each product is original and unique, so not anywhere else available. If you have a look at the collection of all the poker card guards we have in this category, you will see that they are all exceptional, making it difficult to choose what you prefer. Other products that will appeal to you include our fabulous poker bracelets that are available in a range of generic products, or you can have one custom made according to your design preferences. ProPokerGear has the perfect gifts you can give to any poker playing enthusiast, whether professional or a recreational player.

Our card guards can be ordered directly online, and you will see some instructions for custom engraving them according to your needs. Show class and distinction when playing the game professionally, by using a quality poker card guard to protect your cards in the muck, which both protects your cards and does away with any error hands during the game. When other players see you using a poker card guard, they will know you are a professional player that needs to be treated with respect, so choose carefully from the range we have, in different precious metals, or ask us about custom designing your poker card guard if you prefer something extra special.

ProPokerGear is passionate about poker and you will note that it is becoming a game that is growing in popularity all over the world. Nowadays, you can kit yourself out with some stunning products like the poker card guard we have been mentioning, which allows you to play the game with class and style. Visit our blog to learn more about poker, to get some of the latest news, and tips about the game as well. The quality accessories we have are all exclusive to us, and will allow you to take your game to the next level, and we know you will be delighted with our exceptional prices, top level customer services dedicated to your satisfaction, and the great range we offer all poker player lovers.

Poker card guards are used to protect your hand, so that no one else can see it, and you can have one custom designed for you, and your team at ProPokerGear. Get digitally designed poker card guards like you will not find anywhere else in card clubs, diamonds, or spades, with specialty products of this nature made in top quality materials and handcrafted to perfection. Professional players can go for our poker card guards made from gold and diamond enamel, and if you choose any of these products, you will be taken to a form where you can custom engrave design the card guard to your specifications, with your personal details, and also choice of gold karat.

Professional poker players will find some exciting gear to invest in at ProPokerGear, and useful information on the game can be found on our blog, written by some poker pros as well. If you have friends that are poker players then you will find some exciting gear to give them as gifts, especially the fabulous quality poker card guards, and the exquisite, elegant jewelry we have available, which can be custom engraved to your liking. Poker card guards are placed in what is known as the ‘Muck’ where burned cards or folded cards are discarded, and it is professional to use poker card guards to cover these cards. You will agree we have some extremely attractive products of this nature to choose from, in a broad price range as well.

Poker is an extremely fun and exciting game to play, and once you have mastered the rules, you can enjoy the game for hours on end. There are even now online websites which you can play competitively, and even for money if you like. Take a look through our stunning photo gallery to see all the products we have in stock, like the poker card guards we have talked about above, and order some exciting gear to complement the game all available at ProPokerGear. Register a secure account, follow some easy ordering instructions, and after secure online payment options your poker card guards, or the products you have ordered, will be shipped to your desired location nationwide.

To find out more about our company and to learn more about how to design and create your own unique Card guards, feel free to visit the ProPokerGear.com website. In addition to the Card guards, online visitors will also able to find out further information about the impressive and very appealing poker bracelets, which also can be designed and created by buyers. However, for those who simply want to purchase a pre-designed pro poker bracelet, we offer all the design services. Do not allow your good poker hand to go to waste-ensure that your poker hand is always protected with the best quality Card guards in the business and impress fellow pokers players with striking silver Card guards. Be sure to add our website to the favorites list and visit our site often to find out about new Pro Poker Gear that has been launched.